The Daylily Society of Southeast Wisconsin
DSSEW Daylily Sale 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017
7:30 am - 12:30 pm

Brookfield Farmers Market
2000 N Calhoun Rd.
Brookfield, Wi  53005
(Corner of Calhoun and Civic Drive)

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  1. Absolute Zero
    Absolute Zero
  2. Abundance of Riches
    Abundance of Riches
  3. Age of Aquarius
    Age of Aquarius
  4. Always Afternoon
    Always Afternoon
  5. Amelia Sofia
    Amelia Sofia
  6. Angels Over Me
    Angels Over Me
  7. Angel's Braid
    Angel's Braid
  8. Angus Pride
    Angus Pride
  9. Anna Warner
    Anna Warner
  10. Annette's Magic
    Annette's Magic
  11. Arctic Snow
    Arctic Snow
  12. Arnette Zapel
    Arnette Zapel
  13. Art A Fact
    Art A Fact
  14. Art Festival
    Art Festival
  15. Ashwood Blue Highway
    Ashwood Blue Highway
  16. Atlas Shrugged
    Atlas Shrugged
  17. Bali Watercolor
    Bali Watercolor
  18. Barristers Choice
    Barristers Choice
  19. Bass Gibson
    Bass Gibson
  20. Be Thine
    Be Thine
  21. Beaucoup Bouquet
    Beaucoup Bouquet
  22. Beautiful Edgings
    Beautiful Edgings
  23. Bela Lugosi
    Bela Lugosi
  24. Bicolor Playmate
    Bicolor Playmate
  25. Biker Babe
    Biker Babe
  26. Bill Norris
    Bill Norris
  27. Birdwalk
  28. Bittersweet Destiny
    Bittersweet Destiny
  29. Black Bird Sings
    Black Bird Sings
  30. Blackbeard Pirate
    Blackbeard Pirate
  31. Blackberry Bandito
    Blackberry Bandito
  32. Blue Eyed Butterfly
    Blue Eyed Butterfly
  33. Blushing Angels Glow
    Blushing Angels Glow
  34. Born of Magic
    Born of Magic
  35. Bridgeton Invitation
    Bridgeton Invitation
  36. Broach Cameo
    Broach Cameo
  37. Broadway Delight
    Broadway Delight
  38. Broadway Flash
    Broadway Flash
  39. Brown Witch
    Brown Witch
  40. Browns Ferry Sugarplum
    Browns Ferry Sugarplum
  41. Butterfly Moon
    Butterfly Moon
  42. By Myself
    By Myself
  43. Call of the Mild
    Call of the Mild
  44. Canyon Colors
    Canyon Colors
  45. Carillon Bells
    Carillon Bells
  46. Chance Encounter
    Chance Encounter
  47. Charon The Ferryman
    Charon The Ferryman
  48. Chevron Stitches
    Chevron Stitches
  49. Chicken on the Run
    Chicken on the Run
  50. Clarification
  51. Clear Horizons
    Clear Horizons
  52. Cobalt Dawn
    Cobalt Dawn
  53. Commandment
  54. Concrete Blonde
    Concrete Blonde
  55. Corryton Pink
    Corryton Pink
  56. Courtly Love
    Courtly Love
  57. Creative Edge
    Creative Edge
  58. Creature of the Night
    Creature of the Night
  59. Curly Cinnamon Windmill
    Curly Cinnamon Windmill
  60. Dandy Doolittle
    Dandy Doolittle
  61. Daring Deception
    Daring Deception
  62. Delicate Design
    Delicate Design
  63. Deliverer
  64. Desert Shore
    Desert Shore
  65. Diva Bride
    Diva Bride
  66. Diversement
  67. Doc Hass
    Doc Hass
  68. Double Eyefull
    Double Eyefull
  69. Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher
  70. Dublin
  71. Duke of Durham
    Duke of Durham
  72. Echoes of Love
    Echoes of Love
  73. Edgy Affair
    Edgy Affair
  74. Enola Gay
    Enola Gay
  75. Evansville
  76. Exit Light
    Exit Light
  77. Exotic Ripples
    Exotic Ripples
  78. Fashion Sense
    Fashion Sense
  79. Feathered Storm
    Feathered Storm
  80. Fighting for Limelight
    Fighting for Limelight
  81. Fire King
    Fire King
  82.  First Crush
    First Crush
  83. Flava Bissett
    Flava Bissett
  84. Fractal
  85. Frances Ciplys
    Frances Ciplys
  86. Fuchsia Dream
    Fuchsia Dream
  87. Gail Braunstein
    Gail Braunstein
  88. Galileo
  89.  Game Theory
    Game Theory
  90. Gather at the River
    Gather at the River
  91. Gennis Lovin Oven
    Gennis Lovin Oven
  92. Gentle Admonitions
    Gentle Admonitions
  93. Glass Bead Game
    Glass Bead Game
  94. Going Crazy
    Going Crazy
  95. Googies
  96. Graceful Brook
    Graceful Brook
  97.  Grape Velvet
    Grape Velvet
  98. Greenway
  99. Gwendolyn Lee Walker
    Gwendolyn Lee Walker
  100. Happy Eyes
    Happy Eyes
  101. Happy Medium
    Happy Medium
  102.  Hard Rock Candy
    Hard Rock Candy
  103.  Heavenly Angel Ice
    Heavenly Angel Ice
  104. Heal Your Heart
    Heal Your Heart
  105. Heavenly White Lightening
    Heavenly White Lightening
  106. Heavens Morning
    Heavens Morning
  107. Hell Hath No Fury
    Hell Hath No Fury
  108. Help from your Friends
    Help from your Friends
  109. Hidden Camera
    Hidden Camera
  110. Hit the Road Jack
    Hit the Road Jack
  111.  Honey Crunch Cupcake
    Honey Crunch Cupcake
  112. Hyperion
  113. I Can Only Imagine
    I Can Only Imagine
  114. Ice Carnival
    Ice Carnival
  115. Icebow
  116. Ilonka
  117.  I'm a King Bee
    I'm a King Bee
  118. Inquire Within
    Inquire Within
  119. It Is What It Is
    It Is What It Is
  120. Janattitude
  121. Jane's Hope
    Jane's Hope
  122. Jan's Twister
    Jan's Twister
  123. Jersey Spider
    Jersey Spider
  124. John Galt
    John Galt
  125. John Coltrane
    John Coltrane
  126. Jug of Wine
    Jug of Wine
  127. Jurassic Butterfly
    Jurassic Butterfly
  128. Kermit's Scream
    Kermit's Scream
  129. Killer
  130. Kindly Light
    Kindly Light
  131. King Arthur's Court
    King Arthur's Court
  132. Kinky Reggae
    Kinky Reggae
  133. Klaatu Barada Niktu
    Klaatu Barada Niktu
  134. Kristens Curls
    Kristens Curls
  135. Kyoto Swan
    Kyoto Swan
  136. Lake Effect
    Lake Effect
  137. Leaping Waterfalls
    Leaping Waterfalls
  138. Lemon Ruby Eyes
    Lemon Ruby Eyes
  139. Lightning in a Bottle
    Lightning in a Bottle
  140. Lilac Lullaby
    Lilac Lullaby
  141. Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep
  142. Loaves and Fishes
    Loaves and Fishes
  143.  Lord of Rings
    Lord of Rings
  144.  Love Those Eyes
    Love Those Eyes
  145.  Lucid Moment
    Lucid Moment
  146. Magic Amethyst
    Magic Amethyst
  147. Malicious Rumors
    Malicious Rumors
  148. Marchioness
  149. Marked by Lydia
    Marked by Lydia
  150. Marmalade Skies
    Marmalade Skies
  151. Mary's Baby
    Mary's Baby
  152. Matchless Fire
    Matchless Fire
  153. Meme's Alter Ego
    Meme's Alter Ego
  154. Memorial to Steve
    Memorial to Steve
  155. Mico
  156.  Midnight Confession
    Midnight Confession
  157.  Mighty Mighty Man
    Mighty Mighty Man
  158.  Minnesota Morning
    Minnesota Morning
  159. Miss Jessie
    Miss Jessie
  160.  Mokan Butterfly
    Mokan Butterfly
  161.  Moraccan Sapphire
    Moraccan Sapphire
  162. Moses Fire
    Moses Fire
  163. Mountain Wildflower
    Mountain Wildflower
  164. Nantucket Navigator
    Nantucket Navigator
  165. Nosferatu
  166. Now & Zen
    Now & Zen
  167. Odds & Ends
    Odds & Ends
  168. Old King Cole
    Old King Cole
  169. Olive Bailey Langdon
    Olive Bailey Langdon
  170. One Two Kangaroo
    One Two Kangaroo
  171. Only The Lonely
    Only The Lonely
  172. Out of Plumb
    Out of Plumb
  173. Overflowing Heart
  174. Paha Sapu Dreamcatcher
    Paha Sapu Dreamcatcher
  175. Pale Moon Rising
    Pale Moon Rising
  176. Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf
  177. Paper Butterfly
    Paper Butterfly
  178. Persian Ruby
    Persian Ruby
  179. Phoenix Flying
    Phoenix Flying
  180. Picotee Prism
    Picotee Prism
  181. Pinewood Purple Mist
    Pinewood Purple Mist
  182. Pink Cotton Candy
    Pink Cotton Candy
  183. Pledge a Grievance
    Pledge a Grievance
  184. Plum Eyed Delight
    Plum Eyed Delight
  185. Police and Thieves
    Police and Thieves
  186. Prairie Moonlight
    Prairie Moonlight
  187. Prester John
    Prester John
  188. Pretty Petals Purple Finch
    Pretty Petals Purple Finch
  189. Pretty Desirable
    Pretty Desirable
  190. Primal Scream
    Primal Scream
  191. Protocol
  192. Psychedelious
  193. Raging Tiger
    Raging Tiger
  194. Rainbow Fantasy
    Rainbow Fantasy
  195. Raspberries for Breakfast
    Raspberries for Breakfast
  196. Raspberry Candy
    Raspberry Candy
  197. Reach for the Skies
    Reach for the Skies
  198. Real Wind
    Real Wind
  199. Red Velvet Fur
    Red Velvet Fur
  200. Red Volunteer
    Red Volunteer
  201. Red Carpet Moment
    Red Carpet Moment
  202. Refuge of the Weary
    Refuge of the Weary
  203. Rincon Del Mar
    Rincon Del Mar
  204. River Nile
    River Nile
  205. Robin Elmore
    Robin Elmore
  206. Rocky Mountain Sunrise
    Rocky Mountain Sunrise
  207. Royal Emperor
    Royal Emperor
  208. Royal Speckles
    Royal Speckles
  209. Rubies Wink
    Rubies Wink
  210. Ruby Storm
    Ruby Storm
  211. Ruby Throat
    Ruby Throat
  212. Scarlett Epaulette
    Scarlett Epaulette
  213. Scarlock
  214. Scatterbrain
  215. Scratch My Itch
    Scratch My Itch
  216. Season of the Witch
    Season of the Witch
  217. Secrets & Lies
    Secrets & Lies
  218. Self Determination
    Self Determination
  219. Serene Madonna
    Serene Madonna
  220. Seven Deadly Sins
    Seven Deadly Sins
  221. Shadow of the Moon
    Shadow of the Moon
  222. Shadow Passage
    Shadow Passage
  223. Shadow Cabinet
    Shadow Cabinet
  224. Shamrock Shore
    Shamrock Shore
  225. Since I've Been Lovin You
    Since I've Been Lovin You
  226. Skinwalker
  227. Slipped My Disco
    Slipped My Disco
  228. Snowboarding
  229. Snowy Apparition
    Snowy Apparition
  230. Solar Eclipse
    Solar Eclipse
  231. Taos
  232. Techny Peach Lace
    Techny Peach Lace
  233. Temporary & Eternal
    Temporary & Eternal
  234. The Neutral Zone
    The Neutral Zone
  235. Thumb Print
    Thumb Print
  236. Ticket to Paradise
    Ticket to Paradise
  237. Tooth Tower
    Tooth Tower
  238. Toothpick
  239. Trahlyta
  240. Trifecta
  241. Turtle Island
    Turtle Island
  242. Unfolding Paradox
    Unfolding Paradox
  243. Unicorn Tapestry
    Unicorn Tapestry
  244. Unidentified Flying Object
    Unidentified Flying Object
  245. Valdosta Again
    Valdosta Again
  246. Vanilla Fluff
    Vanilla Fluff
  247. Vera Biaglow
    Vera Biaglow
  248. Veronica's Vanity
    Veronica's Vanity
  249. Vicky's Radiance
    Vicky's Radiance
  250. Victoria Lynette
    Victoria Lynette
  251. Victorian Garden
    Victorian Garden
  252. Violet Butterfly
    Violet Butterfly
  253. Vitamin C
    Vitamin C
  254. Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason
  255. Warrior's Spear
    Warrior's Spear
  256. Washed Watercolor
    Washed Watercolor
  257. Water Spirits
    Water Spirits
  258. Watership Down
    Watership Down
  259. Web of Intrique
    Web of Intrique
  260. Willow Dean Smith
    Willow Dean Smith
  261. Wilson Spider
    Wilson Spider
  262. Winging It
    Winging It
  263. Witch's Stick
    Witch's Stick
  264. Wren's Song
    Wren's Song
  265. Yellow Raincoat
    Yellow Raincoat
  266. Zahadoom
  267. Zoot Sims
    Zoot Sims
  268. Media Frenzy
    Media Frenzy
  269. Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln
  270. Soul on Ice
    Soul on Ice
  271. Slippin and Slidin
    Slippin and Slidin
  272. Russian Rhapsody
    Russian Rhapsody
  273. Russian Easter
    Russian Easter
  274. Stealth Bomber
    Stealth Bomber
  275. Starman's Quest
    Starman's Quest
  276. Spring City Sunshine
    Spring City Sunshine
  277. Spindazzle
  278. Spider Miracle
    Spider Miracle
  279. South Seas
    South Seas
  280. Sugar Candy
    Sugar Candy
  281. Strutter's Ball
    Strutter's Ball
  282. Storm Shelter
    Storm Shelter
  283. Stippled Statement
    Stippled Statement
  284. Stephane Grappelli
    Stephane Grappelli
  285. Stellers Jay
    Stellers Jay
  286. Switched at Birth
    Switched at Birth
  287. Swiss Mint
    Swiss Mint
  288. Sweet Talking Man
    Sweet Talking Man
  289. Suzy Cream Cheese
    Suzy Cream Cheese
  290. Surfin Dude
    Surfin Dude
  291. Sunday Gloves
    Sunday Gloves
  292. Uncertainty Principle
    Uncertainty Principle
  293. WHOOPS...more "S" daylilies at end of list. Sorry!
    WHOOPS...more "S" daylilies at end of list. Sorry!